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15. Oktober 2019

Won’t accept Sri Lanka’s agreement with UN Human Rights Council: Gota Sunday Times

10. Oktober 2019

CBK hits out at SLFP’s decision to support SLPP Presidential candidate Gota Sunday Times

09. Oktober 2019

SLFP confirms support for Gotabaya adaderana

08. Oktober

Candidates make predictions after handing over nominations adaderana

07. Oktober

Sri Lanka: A Tight Poll: The Big Names May Not Get 50% Plus srilankabrief

01. Oktober

Fighting terrorism must go hand in hand with protecting human rights – Sri Lanka Foreign Secretary tells UN Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Sri Lanka

27. September 2019

After Sri Lanka’s Easter Bombings: Reducing Risks of Future Violence International Crisis Group

26. September 2019

UN bans Sri Lankan peacekeepers Colombo Page

Sri Lanka’s ruling UNP nominates Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa as presidential candidate Colombo Page

18. September 2019

Sri Lanka to hold presidential election on Nov. 16 AP

12. September 2019

International concern on Army Chief’s appointment based on allegations is regrettable, Sri Lanka envoy tells UNHRC Colombo Page

11. September 2019

Amnesty’s oral statement at 42 session of UNHRC Amnesty International

30. August 2019

The women who risk everything to bring their loved ones back Amnesty International

27. August 2019

UN experts say army chief appointment is „affront to victims“ of right abuses ohchr

26. August 2019

Simmering ethno-religious tensions in Sri Lanka must not be ignored, says UN rights expert UN

19. August 2019

Sri Lanka Betrays Its People By Promoting Alleged War Criminal To Head Its Army: International Truth and Justice Project Colombo Telegraph

Sri Lanka: Appointment of Shavendra Silva as Army Commander comes under fire sri lanka brief

UN rights chief „troubled“ by new Sri Lanka army chief Arab News

14. August 2019

Sri Lanka Freedom Party to expel Mahinda Rajapaksa? Daily News

13. August 2019

People should make the right decision when electing a new President – Sarath Fonseka Colombo Page

Prime Minister, you protect Gotabaya Rajapaksa, will my father ever receive justice: Ahimsa writes to Ranil Colombo Telegraph

The „Terminator“ was chosen for a different reason Colombo Telegraph

12. August 2019

Sri Lankan people have to decide whether or not to continue enjoying the freedom they have won – PM Colombo Page

11. August 2019

SLPP names Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as presidential candidate Colombo Page

10. August 2019

Trial-at-Bar bench to hear Eknaligoda murder case Daily News

09. August 2019

Justice for the Trinco 5 Amnesty International

07. August 2019

The problem with Sri Lanka’s new „False News“ bill The Diplomat

30. Juli 2019

Writer faces up to 10 years jail for story Amnesty International

29. Juli 2019

Muslim MPs resigned from their ministerial portfolios sworn-in again as Ministers Colombo Page

23. Juli 2019

Emergency extended for another month Colombo Page

21. Juli 2019

The Trinco students killings – is this justice? Sunday Times

04. Juli 2019

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka recommends guidelines to police on arrests HRCSL

03. Juli 2019

Joint open letter to the President of Sri Lanka on the imminent resumption of executions Amnesty International

01. Juli 2019

President claims drug traffickers are behind the Easter Sunday bomb attacks Colombo Page

Sri Lankan Prime Minister says he and his party oppose reinstating death penalty Colombo Page

Ten petitions filed in Supreme Court against death penalty Colombo Page

28. Juni 2019

Death penalty will not be carried out wthin next week, Prison authority assures court Colombo Page

Petition filed in Court of Appeal against implementing death sentence Colombo Page

27. Juni 2019

EU: Statement by the spokesperson on the planned resumption of executions in Sri Lanka EU

Resuming the death sentence in order to divert public attention Asian Human Rights Commission

26. Juni 2016

Sri Lanka updates UNHRC on measures taken to advance Human Rights adaderana

President Sirisena Signs Execution Warrants For Four Prisoners, Plans Shrouded In Secrecy Amnesty International

Already signed death penalty for 4 drug dealers, says President adaderana

25. Juni 2019

Halt plans for executions, once and for all Amnesty International

Tensions after Easter Sunday terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka concern UNHRC Chief Colombo Page

23. Juni 2019

Sri Lanka President calls for repealing 19th Amendment, says it led to political instability Colombo Page

22. Juni 2019

Ausnahmezustand in Sri Lanka verlängert zeit online

21. Juni 2019

Desperate President Sirisena preps for secret execution Colombo Telegraph

19. Juni 2019

„We are not safe here“ – Refugees under attack in Sri Lanka and the need for resettlement Amnesty International

16. June 2019

Muslims targeted with arbitrary arrests after Easter massacre in Sri Lanka Al Jazeera

14. Juni 2019

Sri Lanka: Halt forced returns of Pakistani religious minorities Amnesty International

08. Juni 2019

President demands suspension of Parliament Select Committee on terror attacks FT

05. Juni 2019

Muslim Ministers resign Daily Mirror

26. Mai 2019

Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission requests UGC to ensure non-discrimination in institutions of higher education Colombo Page

Sri Lanka responds to the UN Special Advisers‘ „oversimplifying“ statement on sectarian violence Colombo Page

25. Mai 2019

Sandya Eknaligoda writes to PM FT

HRCSL requests business chambers not to deny women access to essential services due to their attire Colombo Page

24. Mai 2019

Emergency passed in parliament Sunday Times

23. Mai 2019

President pardons extremist Buddhist monk Colombo Page 

Sri Lanka Tamil party condemns President’s act of pardoning Colombo Page

CPA Statement on the Presidential Pardon of Gnanasara Thero CPA

18. Mai 2019

Sri Lanka: Impunity fuels recurrence of violence Amnesty International

15. Mai 2019

Sri Lanka: Authorities must protect Muslims against violence Amnesty International

14. Mai 2019

Curfew imposed as clashes erupt FT

Sri Lanka’s anti-Muslim riots claim first death AFP

Stern action against lawbreakers, warns acting IGP Daily Mirror

Supreme Court recommended death penalty for CTA adaderana

Sri Lanka Tamil party concerned over security forces not taking effective steps to prevent anti-Muslim violence Colombo Page

10. Mai 2019

Sri Lanka working with UNHCR to find countries to settle over 1000 refugees Colombo Page

09. Mai 2019


08. Mai 2019

NTJ’s leader says group is not a terrorist movement and Zahran was dismissed in 2017 ADA

07. Mai 2019

President briefs diplomatic community on progress to curb terrorism and restore normalcy Colombo Page

05. Mai 2019

Over 1000 asylum seekers ejected; UNHCR helpless Sunday Times

03. Mai 2019

Sri Lanka: Respect human rights in the aftermath of Easter attacks Amnesty International

01. Mai 2019

Sri Lanka names Easter suicide bombers AFP

29. April 2019

Face veils banned in Sri Lanka from today Colombo Page

Amnesty International

28. April 2019

Pro-ISIS terror groups to be banned soon Sunday Times

15 killed in explosion of terrorist safehouse Sunday Times

27. April 2019

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka appeals to fellow citizens to refrain from inciting communal violence Colombo Page

Gotabaya Rajapaksa says he will run for President and tackle radical Islam if he wins Colombo Page

Sri Lanka bomber’s mentor is dead, but his memory still stokes fear  CNN


Respect human rights in the aftermath of Easter Attacks.

Letter to the Prime Minister on the protection of refugees and asylum seeker. Amnesty International reiterates its solidarity with the victims of the horrific Easter Sunday attacks on 21 April 2019 that claimed the lives of more than 250 people and injured hundreds in three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka’s Weiterlesen

Sri Lanka: Attacks another grim reminder of the need to tackle hate

The shocking Sunday morning bombing attacks targeting churches and hotels in three cities in Sri Lanka resulting in more than 290 deaths and leaving more than 500 people injured, is yet another grim wake-up call to the intolerance and hatred surging through societies across the world, Amnesty International said today. read more: sri-lanka-attacks Weiterlesen

Amnesty International Video

Standard Beitragsbild

Amnesty International today released a short video and statement concerning the occupation by the Sri Lankan military of civilian-owned land; see Amnesty Video   Weiterlesen

Schändliche Drohungen gegen Menschenrechtsverteidigerin

Hände halten Herz

26. Juni 2018

Amnesty International fordert die sri-lankischen Behörden nachdrücklich auf, Maßnahmen gegen diejenigen zu ergreifen, die die Menschenrechtsverteidigerin Sandhya Eknaligoda bedrohen.

In den letzten Tagen war Sandhya Eknaligoda – eine bedeutende Aktivistin gegen „Verschwindenlassen“ und Ehefrau des verschwundenen Karikaturisten Prageeth Eknaligoda – einer Welle von Hass, Schmähungen, Einschüchterungen, Schikanierungen und Morddrohungen in den sozialen Medien ausgesetzt.

„Die Drohungen gegen Sandhya Eknaligoda geben Anlass zur äußersten Sorge. Die sri-lankischen Behörden müssen unbedingt und wirksam entsprechende Maßnahmen ergreifen gegen diejenigen, die danach trachten, ihr Schaden zuzufügen“, sagt Dinushika Dissanayake, stellvertretende Direktorin für Südasien bei Amnesty International.


Wie alles begann: Ein Toast auf die Freiheit 1961

Der Amnesty-Gründer: Peter Benenson

Vor mehr als 55 Jahren zündete Peter Benenson eine Kerze an und wusste damals noch nicht, dass dies der Beginn einer weltweiten Bewegung sein sollte. In West-Deutschland gehörte Gerd Ruge zu den Gründerinnen und Gründern der deutschen Amnesty-Sektion. Im Interview erinnert er sich an die ersten Jahren. Weiterlesen